Gutter Cleaning and Clearance

Autumn leaves might look beautiful, but they can quickly block your gutters and downpipes.

Add moss, lichen, broken tiles, a surprising array of lost balls and toys, birds mess, and the odd dead critter and you have an idea of the weighty, smelly mess building up overhead!

As this waste accumulates it can cause your gutters to block and overflow. In addition to being inconvenient and unsightly; blocked gutters can cause serious damage to your property.

  • Gutters sag due to excess weight
  • Overflowing water can cause damp to permeate the wall.
  • Water overflowing onto brickwork encourages the growth of moss and lichen, compounding the issues associated with damp.
  • Deposits from overflowing gutters may stain or discolour your building’s exterior.
  • Dripping water will splash back towards the building causing staining and damp at ground level.
  • During colder months standing water may freeze causing further damage

Don’t wait for a problem to arise. It is recommended that gutters and downpipes are cleared and cleaned annually.  We will clean and clear all gutters and downpipes and complete minor repairs

Our powerful Gutter Vac allows us to clean and clear most gutters and downpipes from ground level. This eliminates the risks associated with working at height. It also allows us to stand back from the building, so that we can easily work around obstacles and minimise disruption to building users.

We can also clean soffits and fascias.

Masonry and stone affected by moss and lichen can be cleaned and treated using our MossGoPro cleaning system.

We are Members of Checkatrade, Federation of Window Cleaners and FSB. We hold comprehensive Public Liability Insurance, and are able to provide risk assessment and working method statements as required.


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